Can You Teach Yourself to Play the Piano

Playing PianoThe answer is yes, but……

Most of the time, piano students are children. Almost every piano teacher has their student’s parents purchase a piano lesson book or series of lesson books. Each week the student comes to the teacher’s home and the teacher walks the student through three or four pages of the book and then tells the student to practice those pages at home.

Let’s now assume that you’re an adult and are wanting to teach yourself to play the piano. OK, recreate for yourself a professional lesson except without the piano teacher. Purchase a lesson book, pick one day a week to step through the next three or four pages of the book and then, for the remainder of the week, practice those lessons diligently. Simple right? Not at all.
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Piano Accessories

Improve your child’s piano practice time with these piano accessories:

Piano lamps
Brighten up your child’s sheet music with a beautiful piano lamp. Don’t let your kids strain to see their music. Amazon has a huge assortment and variety of Piano lamps.

Piano Benches
Amazon also carries a wide assortment of piano benches in black and brown, padded, adjustable, etc..  Make your child’s practice time comfortable with a good quality piano bench.

Piano lesson books
Piano lesson books for all levels from beginner to expert and from children to adults are available here.  When your child’s teacher assign a new book to buy, you can find it here.

Sheet Music
Alfred Publishing is famous for their sheet music and have thousands of books available covering nearly every artist, band or song ever written.

Learn to keep time with a piano metronome.

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